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About Us

Gulzar Foundation is in B-254-A Aashadnagar, Dasherabagh, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. Registration act 1860 under section 21 as a Non-Government Organization to cater for the social welfare and needs of the poor rural and urban society as a supplement to the efforts of governmental agencies. 

  • Gulzar Foundation runs vocational training centers for the welfare of local rural women. There we teach and give hand-in-hand training on stitching, cutting, and knitting. We also provide special training on ‘Chikan’ stitching which is a specialized work from Lucknow. 
  • Gulzar Foundation also runs coaching centers to give proper educational help to the poor and deprived students of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. 
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From the Founder’s Desk

Gulzar Foundation is the name of hope, joy, and strength. As a founder member, I try to bring a change in the lives of common people especially the women who are suffering from various issues from poverty to illness. We want to settle them in life and for their welfare and betterment, Guljar Foundation is always there. 

To bring the change we organize various Women Welfare Programs, Literacy Awareness Programs, Consumer Awareness Program, Tree plantation, and Environment Awareness Programs etc. From our Foundation, we try to give social marriages to the eligible girls of the district by taking up all expenditures and responsibilities. We hope that one day we will achieve our dream.

Our Approach

Our Mission

Social upliftment of poor and indigent people and to restore or bring back the pride of women, children and especially the backward class people.

Our Vision

We want a sustainable development of our society and our constant endeavour is to make our place more lively and live-worthy.

Our Aims

Sustainable development of communities through our work  & activities.

Donate Us

Your support makes a difference. Help us to achieve our Goal towards our Charity & welfare work.

Our Projects

Women Empowerment

For the development of women in our society, Guljar Foundation is working for so many years. We all know that women are the backbone of the family.

Health Awareness

 We organize health camps and clinics where common people come with their health regarding issues. Doctors also pay a regular visit to these clinics.

Education Awareness

Education is one of the basic rights of humans. Being an educated person means he or she never gets cheated. For this Education is important.

Cultural Awareness

The Foundation organizes cultural programs and shows for the society people. Through this we try to educate people in population & pollution control.

Our Activities

Give Social Marriage (Samuhik Vivah)

We try to give social marriages to the eligible girls of the district. They have to 18 years and above. In the remote and rural districts of Uttar Pradesh, there are lots of poor girls who or their families don’t have the abilities to get married.

Health and Family Welfare

The members of the society organized Health and Family Welfare at our head office and Kothideeh, Barabanki. The health and family welfare camp organized under senior doctors.

Women Welfare Program

To help the women, our society established a short stay home and family counseling center in different areas of the district to settle the needy women on a temporary basis and tries to help them by solving their problems

Consumer Awareness Program

A consumer awareness camp was organized to make the common people aware of the rights available under the consumer protection Act, 1986. The program was highly appreciated by the attendants of the program.

Literacy Awareness Program

Considering a very high level of child illiteracy the society has started organizing boys & girls education programs on a regular basis with the help of the volunteers at our district.

Tree plantation and Environment Awareness

A program on social forestry was organized by the members of the society to aware of the importance of an unpolluted environment because plants give us Oxygen Gas to living which is needed for every person

Board Members

Asha Singh

Asha Singh


Gulzar Bano

Gulzar Bano


Zainul Abdeen

Zainul Abdeen