Our Activities

National Festivals

The members of the Society organized programs on “NATIONAL FESTIVAL” at head office on the occasion of 15th August (Independence Day), 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti), 26th January (Republic Day). The chief guest of the program the President and the Secretary of our Foundation attended the program. There were many people to participate in the program along with their family and guardians. We also celebrate Women’s’ Day (8th March) to show respect to all the women of our society.

Tree plantation and Environment Awareness

A program on social forestry was organized by the members of the society to aware of the importance of an unpolluted environment because plants give us Oxygen Gas to living which is needed for every person. The villagers understand that plantation is the neediest work for humans. The society organized a camp at the block of the district on world Environment day to discuss the impact of increasing pollution on human health and the environment. The eminent speakers discussed the factors landing to increase in all types of pollution including water, air, and sound pollution. It was felt that there is a need to strengthening the process of removing old vehicles, reduce the usage of plastics, the compulsory use of

 effluent treatment and medicinal plants by the industries and all other methods which can be helpful in reducing and controlling the pollution.

Health and Family Welfare

The members of the society organized Health and Family Welfare at our head office and Kothideeh Barabanki. The health and family welfare camp organized under senior doctors. From our society, we provide check-ups & gave the medicine to the patients. There were 57 patients diagnosed & came along with their family and with the guardians. The President, the Secretary and other senior members of the society participated in Health & Family welfare Camp.

Women Welfare Program

To help the women, our society established a short stay home and family counseling center in different areas of the district to settle the needy women on a temporary basis and tries to help them by solving their problems that they became able to settled in their family again and became self-independent.

Consumer Awareness Program

A consumer awareness camp was organized to make the common people aware of the rights available under the consumer protection Act, 1986. The program was highly appreciated by the attendants of the program. It is generally found that the consumers despite paying the competitive price are offered low-quality products by the companies. Though the products are packed in very attractive packages but their quality happens to be very low. From our Foundation, we gave the names and addresses of different consumer associates whom the common people can contact in case of need.

Literacy Awareness Program

Considering a very high level of child illiteracy the society has started organizing boys & girls education programs on a regular basis with the help of the volunteers at our district. Considering the huge success in organizing these types of programs the society has been distributing necessary books free of cost to the participants of this program. The participants of this program were benefited largely and the parents of participating children were agreed to encourage others to join these programs which are aimed at the welfare of the masses.

Training of Naturopathy and Yoga

The naturopathy program is the Yoga camp and it was organized to make them aware of many diseases related to a person. People were educated about the benefits of yoga. There are several types of allopathic medicine which have side effect and it damages the human’s body parts. So a man should go to yoga camp for one to two hours daily and the main aim of this program to advise the young and old men and women. People should join the yoga centers to keep them healthy and fit. The program was highly appreciated by the attendants of the program.

Give Social Marriage (Samuhik Vivah)

From our Foundation, we try to give social marriages to the eligible girls of the district. They have to 18 years and above. In the remote and rural districts of Uttar Pradesh, there are lots of poor girls who or their families don’t have the abilities to get married. Sometimes we find some orphan girls who have no one. We give them social marriage by taking up all expenditures and responsibilities to get them settled in life.