Our Projects

Women Empowerment

For the development of women in our society, Gulzar Foundation is working for so many years. We all know that women are the backbone of the family. If someone thinks about the welfare of the family then he or she has to think about the welfare of the women of that family. From our NGO we try to empower the women through various workshops and courses. We organize vocational training for women and adolescent girls. If they start incoming the family will get the benefits and thus every family will grow. We are toiling hard for the sustainable development of the women of various sectors from backward to deprived class and socioeconomic group.

Health Awareness

From our Foundation, we try to create awareness in healthcare sectors for the people of rural and remote parts of Uttar Pradesh. For this, we organize health camps and clinics where common people come with their health regarding issues. Doctors also pay a regular visit to these clinics. We often distribute medicines and essential medical kits to poor people. We educate people to know about some deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, etc. To create awareness our Gulzar Foundation tries the best.

Education Awareness

Education is one of the basic rights of humans. Being an educated person means he or she never gets cheated. For this knowing how to learn and write is important. Our Foundation always focuses on the education sector and wants to sum up everyone under one roof. People from the backward and deprived class and who are also indigent come to us. We also try to provide help in every aspect. We have organized educational development programs for women and adolescent youths. To stop illiteracy we want to establish more educational institutes for further studies in the near future. Creating awareness about education among the common people is important and we constantly try to do it.

Cultural Awareness

The Foundation organizes cultural programs and shows for the society people. Through this we try to educate people in population control, pollution control, awareness to rural women and other people matters which are related to the mass living in a village. We get a huge appreciation for these types of programs. We encouraged common people in simple living and from our Gulzar Foundation we try to do this. Through various cultural functions and national day observation, we try to establish communal harmony in the society.